Get Your Paperwork In Order

Get Your Paperwork In Order

Arrange for individual tax preparation in Rockford, IL

Professional Tax Service, Inc. helps you out with individual tax preparation. We'll look over your income and information to figure out your financial situation. You can trust us to help you get the maximum refund owed to you. Set up an appointment or walk right in.

We'll organize and classify your income properly to reduce the fees you're expected to pay. With our help, you can make sure you'll pay the smallest amount that you have to.

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Make tax preparation easier on yourself by using our help

If you've done your taxes by yourself in previous years, you understand the headaches and anxiety associated with the process. By getting help with your tax preparation from people in the know, you save yourself a lot of energy and frustration.

We'll allocate adjustments and take advantage of any deductions and credits available to you. By calculating all the numbers, we'll reduce your overall tax liability.

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